Complete SPMU Lips & Brows


The ultimate SMPU bundle!

This package includes:

  • Lip Blush & Liner (RRP £1199)
  • Machine Brows (RRP £1299)
  • Microblading (RRP £1199)

4 day course

Suitable for beginners


Lip Blush & Liner

Lip Blush is the way forward to create perfect, permanent lip colour by tattooing pigment on the lips using a machine. By successfully completing our Lip Blush & Liner Course, you will learn the skills necessary to offer professional, permanent lips. With just 3-4 learners per class, you can ensure that you’ll receive the one-to-one attention from your tutor to master the craft of Lip Blush.

What Will I Learn During The Lip Blush Course?

• Health & Safety
• Legislations & Licencing
• Colour theory
• What is lip blush?
• How does lip blush work
• Product knowledge
• Contrainidications
• Contra –actions
• How to carry out a treatment safely
• Aftercare advice
• Client care

Machine Brows

This course will teach you how to enhance the eyebrows using a semi-permanent make-up machine. You’ll learn different techniques such as Stroke (similar to Microblading), Ombre, Powdered & Combination. The results are fantastic and saves your clients time applying make-up everyday. This course is open to both existing microbladers and beginners.

All of our courses include a theory session which will teach you areas such as the relevant anatomy, contraindications to treatment, health and safety, what equipment is required, step by step procedure and much more. Following this theory session is a tutor demonstration and practical session.

This training is done in small groups of between 3-4 students. You will all practice under the supervision of a qualified teacher. FabHQ will provide models for all students to practice on, under supervision of a tutor.


Microblading is a popular cosmetic tattooing technique that involves using a small handheld tool to create hair-like strokes on the eyebrows. This technique is used to enhance the shape and fullness of the eyebrows, making them appear thicker and more defined. If you’re interested in pursuing a career in aesthetics or beauty, microblading is a valuable skill to have.

As a microblading technician, you’ll be able to offer your clients a highly sought-after service that can help boost their confidence and enhance their natural beauty. With our comprehensive microblading course, you’ll learn everything you need to know to become a skilled and successful microblading technician, from the basics of eyebrow shaping and design to the latest techniques in colour theory and pigment application.

Our microblading course is taught by experienced and knowledgeable instructors who are dedicated to helping you succeed. With hands-on training and plenty of practice on live models, you’ll gain the confidence and skills you need to excel in this exciting and rewarding field.

Online learning portal

Online learning portal

You get instant access to our online learning platform where you’ll find your theory and useful demonstration videos.

Training Quality

Training Quality

You will be taught by the best trainers in the game who will make sure you leave confident and ready to practice.

Practical Training

Practical Training

During your practical training, you will train on live models and you can come back after qualifying to practice on more models at no extra cost.

Lifetime Support

Lifetime Support

Our support in your beauty or aesthetics business doesn’t stop when you graduate. You can reach out any time you need advice.