Lash Thicknesses used are:
0.03, 0.04, 0.05, 0.06, 0.07  (all classed as “volume lashes”)
The use of these ultra fine extensions applied to the natural lash allows technicians to create a fuller look, without overloading or compromising the health of the natural lashes. This technique allows you offer your clients a variety of different looks. Clients with very sparse lashes can now have fuller lashes than achievable with classics, and those with damaged natural lashes can safely wear lightweight volume lashes whilst their own repair underneath. You may have heard volume lashes being referred to in xD….for your reference, volume lashes come in the following denominations:
•x2D = 2 Eyelash extensions to one natural lash
•x3D = 3 Eyelash Extensions to one natural lash
•x4D = 4 Eyelash Extensions to one natural lash
•x5D = 5 Eyelash Extensions to one natural lash
•x6D = 6 Eyelash Extensions to one natural lash
However, Just like individual lashes, you still have to assess the suitability of the natural lash to support volume lashes. You cannot just give clients whatever volume they ask for – it has to be suitable for their own lashes, so that you do not overload or damage their natural lashes. The more lashes on the fan will create more volume. You can also mix Classic lashes with Russian lashes to create a ‘hybrid’ set of lashes.