This is the most important part and the part thats going to take the most practise! Applying up to 6 extensions to one natural lash can be a very time consuming process, so for this reason it is vital that we learn how to perform a multi-lash pick up, also known as the Russian Volume pickup technique. If we were to pick up the extensions individually then a full set could take between 5‐10 hours! Multi lash pick-up is going to have you using curved or angled tweezers , as you need a good pick up “bite point” on your tweezers, something straight tweezers do not have.
It’s really not easy, and curved tweezers may feel really strange at first if you are not used to using them. This is a skill that needs to be mastered, and will take you hours of practice to perfect. It will feel like you are learning to lash all over again.
You will find some techniques easier than others but they all create the same look. You only really need to know one technique, so learn that, perfect it and use that only. Never be afraid to take away the skills that you learn, and develop your own technique- whatever suits, and feels most comfortable for you
There are a range of techniques you can use to create a fan, you will prefer one method to another- it is personal preference and what you feel most comfortable with. They all create the same look.

Finger Rolling- Pull a group of lashes from the strip then using your thumb and fore-finger pinch the base and roll your fingers to create a fan.

Pre-fanning- Using tweezers gently to manually pull the lashes to the side of the strip to create a fan, then pull the fan from the strip.

Pre fanning with shuffle – Instead of pulling the lashes, this technique involves gently stroking the lashes forward then using tweezers in a rocking left to right motion until they create the fan. Once the fan has been created on the strip, pull them up from the strip.

Stacking- Instead of pre making fans, you place a lash individually on one natural lash at an angle to create a Y shape, or if applying two lash extensions a W shape. This is a time consuming method and should only really be used to fill any gaps throughout the lashes.

Its good to be aware of all the techniques, however once you choose which works best for you its better to then ‘Master’ that technique. We mainly use the Pre fanning with shuffle as this seems to be the most efficient method.