With your other hand pick up the lash extension you require at the higher tip of the lash from the strip of lashes and swipe the base of the lash into the adhesive. It is important to only dip the base to the middle of the lash extension in the adhesive, and not use too much, so there is only one-two dots of adhesive on the lash extension, and the adhesive remains below the tweezers so it does not stick to them.

Using the lash extension coat the natural lash from root the tip with the adhesive then place the lash extension on the natural lash, leaving a tiny gap from the root so the adhesive does not touch the skin as this will cause irritation. Ensure the natural lash is fully bonded to the lash extension and is not lifting in anyway.

Continue this process throughout the lashes, working in the routine from the centre of the lashes, inner corner, outer corner and always working eye to eye, one lash at a time to avoid lashes sticking to each other. continue this process until most of the lashes are covered, the more experience you have the quicker you will become and the fuller the lashes will be.

Brush through lashes every 15 minutes to ensure there are no loose lashes. Adhesive should be changed around every 15-20 minutes depending on the temperature and humidity of the room, but when it starts to become tacky it will need changing

When the set of lashes are complete give the lashes a final brush through, and also brush up away from the under eye gel pads. If any lashes have become stuck down gently lift them up using your tweezers whilst the clients eyes are still closed. (If this happens a lot reduce the amount of adhesive you are using).

Remove under eye gel pads.

Ask client to keep their eyes closed for 2-3 minutes whilst the adhesive fully dries. If the client opens their eyes too soon, the fumes from the adhesive will make their eyes water.

Take a photo of your work.