Cleanse lashes using an oil free cleanser.

Brush lashes.

Apply under eye gel pads, asking the client to look back, using your ring ringer gently pull down the clients skin over the cheekbone and place the gel pad down onto the clients skin.
Take care that it sits comfortable and does not cover the waterline . Always ensure all bottom lashes are covered.
Select the appropriate lash length, thickness and curls.

Secure lashes on the back of your hand or lash tray.

Choose what style you are going to create and map out on under eye gel pads.

Remove the lid and shake adhesive holding a lint free tissue over the nozzle

Apply a small amount of adhesive to the jade stone sticker on top of the jade stone.

Place the lid back on the adhesive immediately to prevent it being contaminated by air or moisture.

Using the volume tweezers create the fan.

Isolate the natural lash with the other hand using the straight tweezers.

Dip the base of the fan 1mm into the adhesive (do not swipe)

Gently place the base of the fan onto the natural lash so it bonds securely (hugs) the natural lash.

Give the lash a couple of seconds to dry then release your tweezers.

Continue the process until the set of lashes are complete, working one eye at a time.

Brush through lashes.