Cleaning the lashes
Before the lash application can begin, clients’ natural eyelashes must be free of any residue and cleansed of any oils or sebum produced naturally by the sebaceous glands. By using lash cleanser and brush in circular motions along the eye or cotton pad, also wipe underneath the eye to ensure this is clean and the under eye gel pad will stick properly. This should be carried out until no more residue or debris is seen on the cotton pad.

Choosing the right lashes
You can achieve different volume effects when choosing different lash thicknesses and lengths make sure you are clear of what style and length your client would like and then map that out on the under eye gel pads. The smaller the fan the more natural the look will be. The more lashes you cover the ruler the set will look. Even if you are doing a natural set remember to cover an adequate amount of lashes to ensure they last. Wider fans look more fluffy than narrow fans.

Begin your application process you will need to choose whether to isolate the lashes first or pick up the lash then isolate whichever works for you. I like to identify when i am going to apply my lash, make my fan, remember any rapid movement during removing the fan from the strip will cause your bases to “ping” and this will cause bases to cross and split, so nice and slow then isolate the lash i prepared before, then apply. Remember to brush lashes around every 15- 20 minutes and change the adhesive when it starts to become tacky. Continue the process until you have covered at least 70% of the clients natural Lashes. Always check your work using a lash mirror because the set can look different when the eye is open to when it is closed so this will show you more accurately.