Below is an example of earning potential in your first year……

Price of lashes ₤60- number of full sets per week 5- ₤60 x 5 = ₤300
Number of weeks in a year =52…52 x ₤300 = ₤15,600

Price of infills ₤35- number of infills per month- 10 (every 2 weeks) ₤35 x 10= ₤350
Number of months per year =12…12 x ₤350 = ₤4,200

₤15,600 + ₤4200 = ₤19,800

So you can make a good basic wage off just 5 sets of lashes a week, and their infills alone. Which obviously can be much more, the more clients you get and the more sets of lashes you do. From that you can see if you did 10 sets of lashes per week it would be double…earning ₤39,600!

The above is just an example to show you the kind of earning potential Fabulash Pro Lashes has to offer! You may choose your own pricing but please bare in mind the brands policies and not to lower beyond our minimum recommendations!