When treating any new client you will need to perform a sensitivity test, or ‘patch’ test. Tints, solvents and adhesives contain chemicals which the client may have an adverse reaction to. This is of particular concern around the eye, as it is an extremely sensitive area of the body, and so any reaction could be very uncomfortable and potentially damaging. A sensitivity test should help identify the possibility of this happening and therefore protect your client. A sensitivity test gives the product time to develop and will identify whether the client is likely to have any reaction to it. You will also have to perform a new test on all clients if you change any of your products.

How to Patch Test
A patch test is recommended at least 48 hours prior to any lash treatment.
Invite the client in (makeup free) and ask them to lie on the beauty bed. Then ask them to close their eyes and apply around 5 extensions with adhesive, to the outer corner of each eye on the upper lashes and on the lash line. In the UK We are required to patch test for adhesive only but always check with the manufacturers instructions and your insurances guidelines. After a few minutes ask the client to open their eyes and the patch test is done.
Explain to the client, that if they show no reaction to the patch test, they are fine to proceed to have the full set Lash extensions at their next appointment, which you can book in the diary whilst doing the patch test. It is also important to add that, despite a patch test showing clear, they could still react to a set of lashes as there will be much more lashes and adhesive used during a full set. It is also important to remember any client can at any time develop a reaction to lashes, even having worn lashes for a long period of time. But if a patch test has been carried out we have done what we can to prevent that.