Insurance policy

Before beginning your new career as a Fabulash Pro Lash Technician you must have Public Liability insurance in place to protect yourself for professional indemnity. With eyelash extensions treatments and other beauty treatments becoming more and more popular, it means more people are claiming which is why you need a policy in place to protect you in case this happens. There are many companies to choose from but just make sure you do your research as the cheapest policy is not always the best. You need to make sure you receive an insurance certificate and a policy that tells you whats covered and whats not, What is the limit of liability, if you already have a policy in place you can add Fabulash Lashes to the existing policy. Fabulash Lashes can recommend a reputable insurance company, please ask for details.

Dealing with any complaints

This is something we hope we never have to deal with, however when working with the public we cannot please everyone. If the client has a complaint it is important to try and deal with it as soon as possible, never ignore a complaint as this is how it can elevate. The client should be able to contact you and have your salon or mobile number. It is best to deal with the complaint via the telephone rather than over messages as they can be misinterpreted easily. If the client complains about the appearance of their lashes you can offer to rectify them if needed. However you should always ask the client immediately after the treatment if they are happy and let them have a look in the mirror, most clients will not tell you until they have left they are not happy. To prevent and further problems its always best to try and rectify and complaints professionally. Although if you feel the treatment went well, and was happy with the lashes and the client has not followed aftercare then you are in a dispute. In this case it is always important to have before and after photos of your lashes for evidence, clear policies about your business that the client has signed upon the consultation, and given verbal and written aftercare. All of this should prevent any complications. From a business perspective regardless of who is right and wrong you must remain polite and empathise with the client and remember it is always better to have a satisfied customer. Offering a refund is usually ownership of responsibility so if you are at fault you may offer this. Fabulash Pro can always offer advice if you become unsure of how to deal with a situation but we cannot take accountancy and will always refer back to the technician.