First we must isolate the lash we are applying the extensions to. I like to work from the outer corner of the eye inwards, i would recommend finding your own routine of what you like to work, this could be eye to eye, one full eye then the other, whichever way you choose just ensure you manage your time efficiently too. We then ‘root’ for a lash using closed tweezers, once we have found the lash we then isolate it, if you are right handed you would isolate with your left hand (swap this around if you are left handed) open your tweezers and come over the lash so the lash is now in the middle of your tweezers. You will need to hold this in place whilst you now pick up your lash with your other hand. This takes practice, i recommend practising the isolation process alone to master it.

Secure the lash approximately 0.5 to 1mm from where the base of the lash leaves the skin, ensuring that there are no gaps between the two. This should appear blended and natural, following the direction of the natural eyelash where possible, but always think about the direction you are placing the lashes. It does not matter if you place the lash on top, underneath or on the side of the lash it will still bond the same, I like to place underneath. When placing the lash the pressure needs to be very gentle, as the adhesive will do the work, hold for a couple of seconds and then release. Then move onto the next lash I like to leave about 1-2 cm gap between where i would place my next lash.