You would set up exactly the same as a new set, remove any lashes that need to come out. Clients tend to lose more of one eye (usually the side they sleep on) so you would first even both eyes out. Then continue to complete both eyes as usual.

Volume eyelash extensions should be no different to infills on classic sets. If the application has been clean, then the removal and maintenance of the extensions should be easy. As per a classic infill, extensions should be brushed through and cleansed. Any extension that is no longer bonded at the base must be removed by using the ‘banana peel’ technique ( see next slide).

Extensions that have twisted or grown out must also be removed.

Additionally any ‘fans’ or multi‐lashes that have become stuck together must be separated or removed. The infill is a good opportunity for you to check the health of your client’s natural lashes, and it’s good practice to make a note of this on your client consultation form.
At an infill, your final result should look just as good as a new set.