Adhesive has thickened during the treatment
Rememeber to change the adhesive on the jade stone every 15-20 minutes. Also please check the ideal temperature and humidity for the adhesive and using a hydrometer check the rooms temperature and humidity. If the room is too hot you will need fans to cool it down or if too cool a heater. If the room is too humid then use a de-humidifier or not humid enough get a humidifier or open windows to create more moisture in the air. If needed change the adhesive more regularly.

Adhesive is taking to long to cure
Check the humidity levels if they are too low it can take adhesive longer to cure. Also check you are not using too much adhesive as only a tiny amount is needed for volume work.

Clients eyes are stinging
Make sure the clients keep their eyes closed for a few minutes once you have finished the treatment to give the adhesive enough time to dry.

Fans a falling apart when picking them up off the strip
Make sure you have a firm grip of the fan before removing it from the strip. This takes practise and can hapen a lot in the beginning. So keep practising and if needed try to rectify the base with the adhesive.

Fans are falling apart before applying
Ensure you have a tight hold of the base of the fan, make sure the tweezers you are using have a firm grip. Dropping or damaging tweezers can ruin the grip. Try different styles of tweezers until your find the ones that work for you.

Fan splitting when applying to the natural lash
Try working a little lighter to not cause too much pressure, and hold the fan to the natural lash for 1-2 second to ensure it has bonded before removing the tweezers.

Closing after application
Use less adhesive as too much can spread and cause the fan to close, hold the fan to the lash until the adhesive has fully set.

Lashes sticking to tweezers
Use less adhesive so it does not spread up the lash. Only dip the tip into the adhesive and make sure your are holding the fan not too close to the base of the lashes.

Clients returning with closed fans
Check the client is caring for their lashes correctly and not applying any products and washing their lashes at least 2-3 times a week.

Clients losing a lot of lashes
Clients must follow the correct aftercare. Clients can have a ‘lash shed’ from time to time. If this is happening to different clients check the adhesive is being stored in a cool dry place and not fluctuating in temperature. Check the fans are bonding and locking around lashes. Check the lashes are not too heavy for the clients natural lashes.