Not all clients eye shapes and facial structures will be the same, so not one style of lashes suits all! As a Fabulash Pro technician we must assess our clients eyes before applying lashes. Below are some examples of eye shapes to consider:

  • Almond– The most common eye shape, and most style of lashes suit this eye.
  • Round– To enhance a rounded eye shape use mixture of lashes  throughout with longer lashes in the middle of the lash line. If the client wants to give more of a feline look apply longer lashes towards the outer corner.
  • Downturned– Never apply longer lashes to the outer corner to this eyeshade as this will turn the eyes down more. Apply shorter lashes to the outer corners and gradually come in longer.
  • Hooded eyes– To open these eyes apply longer lashes only to the centre, don’t apply too many lashes as this can close the eye more, and stick to short to medium lashes.
  • Deep set eyes– Longer lashes are used for deep set eyes, and a longer curl i.e C or B curl rather than a D.

Once you are aware of the shape of the clients eyes and what style you think will enhance their eye shape, you must also take into consideration the style of lash your client would like (most will have an image with them or in their head of what they would like). Some clients will stay natural, thick, long, short, feline, wispie, the list goes on. Some clients will bring a photo of a celebrity/model with a totally different eye shape to themselves. This is where you as a professional should advise your client what will suit them and educate them, but also take into account their choices. I think its a good idea to have a basic Lash Portfolio with a few basic styles to also show your client. Some clients will have no preference and leave it totally unto you, but its always best to discuss this with your client to ensure their expectations have been managed.