• Beauty Bed– this can be static or collapsible if you are mobile. The couch must have an adjustable head rest and be covered in a washable material. Some of the more expensive couches are electric but these are more suited to salon based therapists as they are not transportable. You should make sure that the couch is adjustable to help your client get on and off, as well as making sure it is at a height where you can perform the treatment without bending or straining.

• Couch cover – ensure that the couch cover is made of a material that can be washed at a high temperature.

• Disposable bed roll – this is placed over the couch cover and is replaced after each use.

• Equipment trolley – a sturdy trolley is required that is large enough to hold all your equipment safely.

• Stool – this will need to be easy to clean and should be adjustable in height.

• Mirror – a small hand mirror should be available for the client to use before

and after their treatment.

• Headband – this will protect the clients hair from any of the products and will

prevent it getting in the way during treatment. It should be either disposable or

be able to be washed at high temperatures.

• Cotton wool – this can be used to apply or remove products and should be

disposed of immediately after use.

  • Tissues
  • Waste Bin
  • Camera to take before & after photos
  • Cushion
  • Blanket
  • Face mask