Clean the clients Lashes thoroughly using the foam cleanser and brush in a circular motion over the eye. This will ensure the lash extensions bond properly. (Clients should arrive at their appointment without any eye make up on, as removing make up will decrease the treatment time and can affect the bonding process. If a client comes with heavy eye make up on it is a good idea to ask them to remove the majority off with a wipe before you start to cleanse their lashes).

Apply the under eye gel pads. Ask the client to look back, using your ring finger gently pull down the skin under the eye to stretch the skin and place the pad directly over the clients lower lashes. All the lashes should be covered and the pad should be slightly lower than the water line. Ask the client to close their eyes, then repeat on the other eye. Ask the client if they feel ok when their eyes are closed to ensure the client is comfortable throughout the treatment. If you need to adjust the pad gently pull the pad where you need it, if there is any lashes that are not covered, stick them down with a small piece of micropore tape. All lashes must be covered to prevent the clients eyes from sticking together. Ask the client to keep their eyes close for the rest of the treatment.

Brush the clients lashes and assess the length of lashes you are going to use. This will depend on the size and thickness of their own natural lashes and also the look they are wanting to achieve. Lash mapping will help you remember what order you are going to place the lashes on the clients eyes, so write the lengths on the gel pads. Prepare the lashes you are going to use through out the treatment.

Stick an adhesive sticker on the jade stone.

Remove the lid from the adhesive and cover the noble with a cotton pad/lint free pad and shake the adhesive for around 15 seconds, then dispense a small amount of adhesive to the jade stone. Reattach the lid immediately after to avoid any contamination by air or moisture.

Using your pointed tweezers look in the clients lashes for a medium sized lash, isolate this lash from the rest of the lashes, holding the tweezers at a 45 degree angle to secure the lash, put a light pressure on the under eye pad for support.