Skin Type Skin Structure Characteristics
Increased levels of Pores are enlarged. High moisture content. Texture is coarse and thick. sebum. Sallow in colour. Skin tone is good. Prone to shininess. Elasticity is good.
Uneven pigmentation. Susceptible to skin disorders such as comedones, pustules, papules, milia or sebaceous cysts. Most common during puberty.
Oily around the chin, nose and forehead (T-zone). Rest of the face and neck is usually dry.
Pores in the T-zone are enlarged, and small to medium in the cheek. Moisture content is high in oily areas, and poor in dry areas. Texture is coarse and thick in the T-zone and thin in dry areas. Oily skin is sallow, whilst the dry area is sensitive, with high colour. Skin tone is good in oily areas, and poor in dry areas. Pigmentation is uneven, and there may be blemishes in the oily areas. The most common skin type.