It is important to remember that volume lashes is just a more advanced style of lashes to the individual lashes. This means that every skill that you have mastered for individual lashes can be applied to volume lashing such as:
•Eye styling
•Lash styling
•Creating direction
•Lash correction
•Building density
•Stacking & capping
With this basic knowledge it makes it much easier to learn this style of lashes and the main thing to perfect is the fan pick- up. For the basic styling it was advised on that we follow the clients natural hair growth where possible (longer lashes in the middle of the eye, shorter on the inner/outer corners of the eye and fill the gaps with medium). However the client may ask for a specific look, which was covered in the foundation lash training.
The  main lash styles the client will ask for is:
Natural eye- A light set of lashes, volume lashes can look more natural than a set of classic lashes due to how fine the extensions used are.
Open eye- Longer lashes in the middle of the eye to create the illusion of openness.
Feline/ Cat eye – The lashes gradually become longer towards the outer corner of the eye and contours the eye to give a flick.
Soft Feline- The length gets longer towards the end of the eye, but the length then drops back to short on the very ends. This still gives a feline look but is just much more subtle.
Doll Eye- Mixed lengths of lashes through the set with the longer lengths towards the centre.
Wispie- One length of lashes with longer lengths used throughout, this is a popular choice for clients.