It is important to thoroughly assess your clients eye shape during the consultation. As a Fabulash Pro technician you should always assess the clients eyes and consider how you can enhance them. This is a basic skill, and not one style of lashes will suit even client.

Almond shaped eyes- These are considered the ‘perfect’ eye shape with a perfect balance and symmetry. This eye shape can suit most style of lashes, therefore the client can choose any style of lashes to suit their desired look.

Wide Set eyes- If the space in-between the clients eyes is wider than the length of one eye, then they have wide set eyes. Therefore the aim would be to make the eyes look closer together. This would mean applying more, denser lashes to the inner third of the eye.

Close set eyes- If the space between the clients eyes is smaller than the length of one eye, then they have close set eyes. The aim would then be to make the eyes look further apart. To create this look we would apply more lashes to the outer third of the eye (feline), and keep lashes more sparse on the inner corner.

Prominent / Protruding eyes- These clients will have eyes that are large and look very open. The aim would be to reduce this by reducing the curl used and create a more feline look by empathising the outer corner by applying denser, longer lashes in that area. Care needs to be taken in order to not make the eye look bigger.

Small eyes- Clients with small eyes will usually ask you to open their eye more. To do this we must use a strong curl and add more length to the middle of the eye and shorter lashes to the inner/outer corners of the eyes.

Hooded eyes- Clients will have a heavy eyelid or brow bone. For these clients longer lash extensions with a strong curl will be needed in order to enhance the lashes and reduce the eyelid area. An open eye or wispie lash is recommended.

Round eyes- Clients will have a more rounder eye than the almond shape eye. Again a feline lash look is recommended to give more of a slant to the eye and draw attention away from the roundness of the eye.

Upward slanted eyes- The outer corner of these eyes will be higher than the inner corner of the eyes. A softer curl is recommended with shorter length lashes throughout. A soft feline suits this eye shape.

Down turned eyes- The outer corner of these eyes will slant downwards, which can give the eyes a sad look. Therefore we would like to create a lift to the eyes. To do this we would use a strong curl and loner lashes is the outer third of the eye, however at the very ends of the outer corners the lashes need to be kept short. If longer lashes are used in this area it will pull the lashes down.