The Wrap

The Wrap

So Volume lash artists lets talk retention! How we bond the lash extension to the natural lash is VERY important and will massively affect your retention! Not only is creating a perfect fan hard enough, but how you place the fan onto the natural lash is equally important!

Did you know about the ‘wrap’? Do you panic if you don’t get the ‘wrap’ right that all the lashes you have applied will fall out?

As we know, the wrap isn’t easy at all and is very dependant of several factors:

  • The right adhesive – For volume lashes this needs to be a quick curing, thin viscosity adhesive.
  • The right temperature for that particular adhesive to work in.
  • Working at the correct speed for that adhesive
  • Suitable natural lashes i.e not to oily, not too curly.

The Russian volume technique has been around a while now and throughout that times lots of new techniques are being developed all the time. When i first trained i was so obsessed with getting the ‘wrap’ but since time has gone on we have now realised that it is not always necessary to wrap the volume fan. Obviously if you do the ‘wrap’ the retention is going to be much better but the fan will still bond to the natural lash without it. We don’t  wrap classic lashes and they last just fine, so do we really need to wrap a volume fan to ensure good retention?

I have tested this out whilst lashing and i don’t really see much difference in retention between the locking technique and with out it. What did seem to be important was that I was using a good glue, at the correct levels and attaching the fan well (at the base of the natural lash) – but as for wrapping, it wasn’t quite as important I thought because as the long as the fan is applied correctly it forms the lock around the natural lash itself.

So if you have been worried about not been able to wrap your fans, I am guessing you will be happy to read this!