14 Day Free Challenge

This free challenge has been designed to help you boost your interaction right before the beauty industry can open again!

Have you been absent on your socials lately? Struggling for content? Have your post interactions been on a minus? Well we are going to help give you that BOOST you need!

And if that isn’t enough, we are giving the best content a PRIZE! To be in for a chance of winning the prize all you need to do is complete every aspect of this FREE CONTENT BUILDING CHALLENGE.


1st Prize – win any face to face or online course of your Choice! We will give you a mini starter kit included chose by us to get started worth £75.

2nd Prize – win any face to face or online course of your Choice! We will give you a mini starter kit included chose by us to get started worth £50.

3rd prize – Win a one any online course of your choice with free starter kit with £30.

4th prize – Win  any online course of your choice.

5th prize – win any online course of your choice. (Doesn’t include train to teach)

So, wanna know how?


Monday 29th March – Sunday 11th April


Mon 29th March Day 1- #motivationmonday post of anything could be a quote, photo, coffee what gives you motivation. 


Tues 30th March Day 2- #toptiptuesday what’s a good tip you can give your followers, relating to your business? Make a reel to show the tip.


Weds 31st March Day 3- it’s the last day of March post a this or that on your story.


Thurs 1st April Day 4- #aprilfoolsday2021 post a funny quote, day 1 of April quote or funny meme.


Fri 2nd April Day 5- #goodfriday Easter related this or that poll on your story.


Sat 3rd April Day 6- #facebehindthebusiness post a picture of you to your feed with a little bit about you. 


Sun 4th April Day 7- make any reel of your choice an Easter themed one would be good for this. Any water activities you have got up to ( this can be personal or business related get creative as possible. We will be looking out for creativity on this!)


Mon 5th April Day 8- #weeklygoals– post a checklist of your goals for the week this could be your own personal or generic, remember this is your week before opening so can relate to that or what your clients can do)


Tues 6th April Day 9- #weartartenday if you have anything Tarten take a pic and post to your story. Or if you do nails show a tarten pic of nails with inspo or something you can relate to your business.


Weds 7th April Day 10- Add a ask me anything question on your story.


Thurs 8th April Day 11- #tbt post your fave throwback of you at work, or a photo of your work.


Fri 9th April Day 12- #flashbackfriday post a throwback to you working, your workstation, or a look you have created.


Sat 10th April day 13- #siblingday post a pic of you and your sibling on your story. If you don’t have siblings post a pic of your fave siblings family, or celeb or a friend that’s like a sibling to you.


Sun 11th April day 14- #selfcaresunday what are you doing? Post to your feed, or a checklist of self care. (Remember it’s the last week until clients can come in again)

Apps to use


Canva (free or pro we prefer the pro and you can usually get after trial) to u can use canva to create quotes easily, memes, and add branding to your posts)


Tik Tok- if you don’t know how to use insta reels (purchase ‘How to boss your social Media course for more guidance)


1. All days of the challenge must be completed on the correct day.


2. All posts and stories must include the hashtag provided and #fabhqfreechallenge


3. You must tag @fabhq.uk in all posts so we can see your entries


4. You must follow @fabhq.uk and @fabulashpro so we can see your posts.


This is an amazing giveaway and a great way for you to really boost your bizz again after another lockdown. We will be choosing the winners ourself and checking each individual entrant has completed all the steps before winning any prize. 


We will pick our winners based on the consistency of listing, creativity & bring eye-catching in your insta feeds. It really doesn’t take long to create good content if you are organised & we have practically done all the hard work for you! You can also use these templates for the future to save time and keep your amazing content going! It’s a really good idea to plan content in advance and this can also save even more time. You could use a bit of time on Sunday 28th March to plan what you are going to do- get creative & have fun with it! 


Good luck, lots of Love Fab HQ xx